24 Hour World Wide Support

  • Advanced Turbine Support provides comprehensive, unbiased condition assessments of Combustion Turbines, Steam Turbines and Generators, utilizing Specialized Borescope & In-Situ NDE Inspections.
  • Our Inspection Specialists are strategically located throughout the U.S. for assignments locally and globally. Our client list includes utilities in North, Central & South America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Advanced Turbine Support has strong alliances with multiple, respected turbine repair service providers and engineers.  This coupled with the knowledge and experience gained by performing thousands of inspections annually ensures that we deliver critical information needed to optimize your turbine's reliability and efficiency.

Services Offered

  • Borescope and Part Retrieval
  • Robotic Generator Inspections
  • Full Steam Turbine Engineering
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Inspections
  • Hot Gas Path Inspections
  • In-Situ Dye-Penetrant
  • Remote and In-Situ Blending
  • In-Situ Shim Removal
  • Compressor and Turbine Steam Cleaning
  • Fuel Channel Inspection and Cleaning
  • Pre-commissioning & Baseline inspections
  • Unit Troubleshooting
  • Post-Overhaul Warranty Inspection
  • Engineering Disposition for inspection findings upon request
  • We strive to issue a final report within 24 hours of the inspection’s completion. Results are discussed with the site contact prior to inspector’s departure. This timely service and commitment to our customers saves millions of dollars in lost availability and maintenance costs.

Specialty inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • F Class TIL 2049 Variable Inlet Guide Vane Distress and TIL 2080 Combustion Manifold Weldolet Penetrant Inspections
  • In-Situ Compressor and Turbine Section Rotating and Stationary Component blending repairs on most stages.
  • Compressor stator vane shim removal and or protruding shim material removal IAW TIL 1562.
  • 7FA TIL 2006 Stage 3 Bucket Distress using Eddy Current Array to identify surface and subsurface indications.
  • Frame 5, Frame 6, 7EA (TIL 1884) and 7FA Compressor Stage S0 & S1 Stator Vane Clashing, Sidewall and Trailing edge Inspections Utilizing Visible Dye, Eddy Current or an Optional Phased Array Ultrasonics providing crack length and depth measurements.
  • 7FA compressor stage R-0 and R-1 rotor blade P-Cut, Enhanced and Standard Blade dovetail inspections utilizing Phased Array Ultrasonic methods. We have identified cracked standard stage R-0 rotor blades on 30% of the units inspected and validated several stage R-1 rotor blade cracks.
  • Focused In-Situ inspections utilizing Eddy Current and Phased Array Ultrasonic methods to characterize and validate suspect indications identified during other inspections prior to performing unit disassembly.
  • Turbine rotor wheel inspections utilizing Eddy Current during Hot Gas Path inspections to support component life extension evaluations.
  • TIL 1795 L-0 Steam Turbine inspections utilizing Eddy Current and Phased Array Ultrasonic methods to support OEM required inspections (GE and Siemens).
  • 501F Phased Array Ultra Sonic Compressor Spindle Bolt and Torque Tube Inspections.
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